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Magnatone Baby M-80 Head & 1x10" Cab Bundle w/ Covers & Speaker Cable

Magnatone Baby M-80 Head & 1x10" Cab Bundle w/ Covers & Speaker Cable
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Baby M-80 Head & 110 Cab
BBY-M80H & BBY-110
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Brand New w/ Warranty. We are an authorized Magnatone dealer!


Bundle includes: 

  • Magnatone Baby M-80 Amp Head
  • Magnatone 1x10” Extension Cabinet
  • 5-pin DIN cable to Power Logo Backlight on Cabinet
  • Covers for Head and Cabinet
  • Speaker Cable


What Do We Think?

This is one impressively “big” little rig. And superbly versatile. First of all, we’ve never heard a 10” speaker sound so warm and full. There is nothing lacking in the low end department of this amp. It is bold and punchy. The midrange is rich and full of character, and the highs can be anything from round to chimey depending on your position on the treble knob!

In LO gain mode, you have a surprising amount of clean headroom available if you dime the master volume and run the preamp gain around 10 o’clock. Would it keep up with a drummer while maintaining pristine cleans? No, but it will definitely give you a wonderful clean voice for recording and could keep up with a drummer in rehearsal at light breakup. And now seems the perfect time to reveal the 2-band EQ’s secret weapon…

Between 3 o’clock and fully up, the Bass knob scoops the midrange while continuing to increase the lows. So the LO gain mode at low gains can really deliver anything from American Blackface to British Chime, even some Tweed in there if you set it just right. Once you push the preamp gain above noon, you’ll find plenty of classic crunch tones as well.

Switching to HI gain mode reveals an impressive range of gain. And the greatest thing about it is the way it gets deeper and punchier the more you turn it up. This is opposite of some amps, where your tone tends to thin out as you increase the level. Not so with the Baby M-80! From crisp rhythm crunch to hard rock riffing to searing leads, this little amp has you covered.

As we sit here with our ears ringing, be warned… this amp relies on your self-control to keep the levels down. You probably won’t run it wide open at the house or on a small stage. And that’s just fine, because the master volume does a marvelous job of giving you access to all the tones mentioned above at whatever volume you need.

Another thing to note is how well this amp handles all pickup types. From single coils to P-90s to humbuckers (both vintage and modern), it really serves up stellar tones with all. And lastly, a built-in effects loop will allow you to run your reverbs and delays with precision and clarity, even as the front end of the amp takes you wherever your heart desires.


This bundle includes the matching Magnatone BBY-110 1x10” extension cabinet to complete the rig! The factory-installed Warehouse ET10 speaker has a full bottom end, warm midrange and balanced top end. The cab’s Magnatone logo is backlit just like the logo on the head, thanks to an included 5-pin cable. We are also including a free speaker cable so your rig can be immediately up and running!



  • British influenced 12 watts of power to 10” ceramic speaker
  • Two independent modes, LO and HI gain
  • Master volume and effects loop
  • NOS GE 6AQ5/6005 tubes deliver reliability, power and consistency
  • Available as 1x10" combo or head with matching 1x10" speaker cabinet




TUBE COMPLEMENT: (3) 12AX7, (2) 6AQ5/6005

POWER: 12 watts RMS 5%THD

INPUT: High impedance 1 Megaohm input

GAIN SELECT: LO or HI gain mode

IMPEDANCE: 8 or 16 ohms


HEAD DIMENSIONS: 18” x 7.5” x 7.5” (add ¾” for feet)

HEAD WEIGHT: 15 lbs.




SPEAKER: WGS 10" Ceramic Magnet

INPUTS: 2 x 1/4”, 2x 5-pin DIN

OHM RATING: 16 ohm



DIMENSIONS: 18" x 15" x 9” (add ¾” for feet)

WEIGHT: 21 lbs.


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